What I’ve Read – Week of 11/7/11

by Matthew on November 10, 2011

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A little shot from Hawaii to get this edition of What I’ve Read out the door…

The Pele App – So not something I’ve read, but a little gem of an app for your iOS devices if you want to follow several athletes competing in a WTC 70.3 or Ironman.  The app allows you to plug in the names (or bib numbers) of multiple athletes in multiple races and follow them.  Using the direct feed from IronmanLive.com, the software is only as good as the feed, so be warned.  WTC is (in)famous for their bad bandwidth on race day, so frustration with the app will likely correspond with the data feed.  Remember, Pele is just a slick, useful presentation layer for WTC’s timing data.  As a result, the adage aptly applies here: garbage in (the data), garbage out (the app).  For a small investment ($2-4), though, I would recommend this nifty little tool.

BossypantsTina Fey‘s autobiography is an easy read, even if you’re not a super-fan of the witty, hysterical comedic writer and actress.  What you see on 30 Rock seems to be what you get in real life with her, and this autobiography seems to confirm it.  It’s not all fluff in here.  She does address serious topics – women in comedy, balancing a thriving professional life with motherhood – but she does it with a sense of self that is disarming.  She takes herself seriously at times, but not enough to come off as pedantic, always sure to insert an appropriate amount of humor.  I’m a big Tina fan, so this was right in my wheelhouse.

Yeah for the iOS Consumer – Not a must-read, as the soundbytes and headlines will take care of the “heavy-lifting” for you, but if you’re an owner of an iTouch, iPhone or iPad, you got some good news from Adobe today.  The Silicon Valley stalwart professes to switching direction in the investment of their web visual software standard – Flash – and complying with HTML 5 as a visual web standard.  One has to wonder if Steve Jobs’ death was the event that really precipitated the concession, as the egos of two powerful tech companies put the consumer right in the crosshairs the last several years.  For you regular users of such sites as TrainingPeaks, Hulu, ESPN3 among others, this is welcome news.

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