What I’ve Read – Week of 11/28/11

by Matthew on November 30, 2011

L on Pineapple Hill

The picture above is #1 at the top of Pineapple Hill at Kapulua in Maui.  The family had a wonderful time out on the island – beach time, pool time, gym time at The Invite, all quality time.  As for the WIR post this week, a nice smorgasbord of genuine “stuff”.  Enjoy!

And Now for Something Completely Different – This one from my primary news source, The Economist, details how California’s state legislators are actually getting work done through compromise and some sane, sound decisions that have the best interest of the state in mind.  Imagine that?  A state with one of the higher GDPs in the entire world (yes, as a state alone) but saddled with immense debt(sound familiar?)  is actually trying to figure out constructive ways to address their debt burden.  You know when California is leading our own federal government in political sanity, the United States is in bad shape.  Ugh.

Doing it the Apple Way – Yep, still infatuated with Apple these days and the legacy of Steve Jobs.  This is a quickie from the WSJ from one of Apple’s long-time PMs.  Simple tenents here which are applicable to life, business and sport: Focus, Simplicity, Courage, Best.

Speaking of Simple – I follow Seth Godin’s blog through other sources on Twitter.  His stuff is usually a nice short thought on business and/or life.  Not earth-shattering.  Just pleasant reminders of some important things that are usually subconscious or that we, as humans and professionals, lose sight of along the way.  I like this one along the lines of all of the above, especially in relation to relationships and in training.  Relationships and training go north, south one day at a time.  Keep TOBG (The One Big Goal) in mind as you go through each interaction or each workout.

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