What I’ve Read – Week of 12/12/11

by Matthew on December 12, 2011

W on the Bike

The Dude Rides

A little late with this one from last week, so we kick off the new week with a quick WIR.  A shot of “The Dude” above figuring out the balance bike while being encouraged by big sis.  It’s so much fun to see the “light bulb moment” with a child.  It’s even more fun when that child is yours and that moment comes at the behest of an older sibling.  Awesome stuff.

On to the content!  We have another schmorgasborg of items today, but all with some deep personal meeting this week.

A Rose by Any Other Name – As they do this time of year, the various contributors to Sports Illustrated take to their Internet property, SI.com, and make a case for their Sportsperson of the Year.  The winner has since been announced, but I centered in on Lee Jenkins nomination, Derrick Rose.  Rose was the point guard his one and only year at the University of Memphis for the 2008 National Finalist team.  I happened to be attendance at his “light bulb moment” against the University of Tennessee, a game featuring number one versus number two.  Rose kept his team in the game, and finally became the assertive offensive presence the Tigers needed from him to compete against anybody.  Though the Tigers lost, they established the chemistry that would take them to within a nanosecond of being the 2008 national champions.  This article corroborates many of the stories I had heard about him while he was in Memphis for the short season.

Old School Apple – From the Apple fanboy department, this iPad2 case conjures up memories of playing Oregon Trail during class in grade school.  It’s probably a bit much for a mobile device, but I love the classic clean lines and bauhaus styling of the original Mac.  Ultimately, it’s a piece of nostalgia which is always nice.  If you get one, Tweet at me so I can see what it looks like applied in a real world setting.

My Ten Minutes – Since I’ve become more heavily involved in the sport of back in 2002, the one industry news source that is my “go-to” for all things triathlon has been Slowtwitch.  I’m not contributor to their forums, choosing to “lurk” and not get involved in a lot of the destructive things that too frequently define online forums.  Despite my passive relationship with the site, I do consider myself part of the Slowtwitch community.  I had the fortune of meeting editor-in-chief, Herbert Krabel, on the plane out to Kona this year.  At our layover at LAX, Haley Chura and I broke bread with him and got to learn a little more about him – his family, his profession and his interests.  We ran into him several times during race week, often taking a minute or two to catch up.  By the end of the trip my respect for Slowtwitch had grown even further because their was now a personal tie or a face behind the content.  When Herbert reached out to do a quick interview as part of his “Random Age Grouper” column, I was quick to jump on it.  For all of the above reasons, it was a genuine honor to do.  I’ve Tweeted it, Facebook’ed it, emailed it a hundred times over, but it’s because of the regard for Herbert and his site and both their personal meanings to me.  So why not blog it?

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