Rio – End of Week One

by Matthew on August 16, 2016



Today we went to handball and saw Spain vs Romania.  Romania won easily because their goalie was really good.


  Spain running to defend Romania.


After anybody scored  GOL would come up on the scoreboard.



I met a new friend named Louisa at Copacabana Beach.  The beach is near my aunt’s house.



My dad is coaching a triathlete.  Her name is Sarah True. This is where we are going to sit for the swimming part.  A triathlon has three parts: Swimming, Biking and Running.



People in Rio are really excited about the Olympics. Today I saw someone riding in a car that was painted the colors of the Brazilian flag with someone else riding in the back holding a blow-up Olympic torch.




In Brazil there was a magazine called Elle!  They also have this magazine in the US, too.


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