The Olympics – First Five Days                                                                          

by Matthew on August 11, 2016

We’ve been in Rio since Saturday, August 6th.  The same day we arrived, my aunt (Gabrielle), mom, dad and I went to swimming we got to see Katie Ledecky swim and Jay Litherland who swam at my dad’s work at Dynamo before going to the University of Georgia. We left at 10:00pm and got back at  1:30 am.  

   On the second day my dad and William and my cousin, Roberto (who lives with my grand Aunt in Rio) went to a soccer game with my brother, William, who is in 1st grade at Winnona Park. 

I also went to my friend’s house.   I played on a swing that had seats and we went into their pool for a short swim.

On the fourth day my dad, mom,grandma, my two brothers and I went to beach vollyball.  We saw Russia and Poland play each other and we saw Brasil and Argentina play. Brasil and Russia won. It was fun to see Brasil and Argentina play because they have a big rivalry.


On Tuesday, we had a day off from events, so we went to the beach! It was really fun and my aunt taught me how to jump up and dive over waves.  My aunt is an Olympian herself.  She swam for Brasil in 1996 and the USA in 2000.


On Wednesday, we went to a womens basketball game.  It took a long time to get there on the subway and trains – 2 hours.  That’s like driving to Chattanooga.  The game was Spain vs China. Spain won!  My favorite player for Spain was 45.

Its winter in Rio so its cold – about 70 degrees. It was raining and it was windy on Wednesday.

 But look at the weather today on Thursday!  This is a picture from my grand aunt’s apartment.


My family is staying at my grand aunt’s house. She has two cats one is nice and one is mean. Beu-bue is the mean one and Lilly is the nice one. 


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