Mahalo ’13

October 11, 2013

The fourth edition of this blog is the right mix of new and old, as Erin, John, Haley and Betty take on the day ahead.  Haley and Betty return to Kona together, like they did four years ago as the first Dynamo Multisport athletes to enter Kailua Bay on race day. With Haley making her […]

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Mahalo ’12

October 12, 2012

The third edition of this blog is a fun one.  As Haley, Kathryn, Drew, Erik and I get in the water tomorrow morning to begin a beautiful day in Hawaii, we will be thinking of a lot of people.  I want to say a heartfelt, sincerest ‘thanks’ or mahalo to the people who have made […]

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October 11, 2012

What can I say?  I love the Wilson sisters out of Seattle, and this is one of my favorites in their discography.  It also provides us backdrop for the first of our two athlete profiles of the Kona Crew this year.  We lead it off with the ladies of Dynamo Multisport, since after all, these […]

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Five Against One

October 9, 2012

Only fitting that we use the original title of one of my favorite all-time album’s, Pearl Jam’s sophomore release Vs., for the first post of Kona Week 2012.  We’re finally all here on the Big Island, all 5 of us having arrived in staggered bits but nonethless all here.  Outside of our beloved 2Cup (Drew […]

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Why We Fight

October 4, 2012

One of my favorites from The Decembrists last album seems appropriate for this one.  I promise I haven’t been ducking getting back to writing, and more specifically, ducking my own performances this season.  I would prefer to write about training concepts at large rather than about me, I promise.  But I also don’t want to […]

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